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Here is a list of our staff's favourite programs

Anti-virus - For personnal use, offers AVG, a free version of their software with a complete anti-virus auto-update feature. They also offer a full series of network products that are less expensive than other suppliers. Their subscription fee is good for two years instead of the usual one year.

Trend PC-Cilline often comes bundled with a new motherboard. It`s a fine anti-virus program and they offer panic-mode virus scanning online...for free.

Firewall -
If you have a router connected to your DSL or cable modem, you probably do not need firewall software. Similarly, if you have a dial-up modem, you probably don't need a firewall either. Otherwise, we recommend ZoneAlarm Pro 3 (+/- $40). The free version is usually adequate for a home computer. With a Windows XP SP2 update, you have a firewall installed - whether you want it or not. If you prefer using ZoneAlarm, the Windows XP firewall can be disabled. More security means more maintenance but nowadays, protection from hackers is essential.

Utilities -
Glary Utilities is a great swiss knife clean-up and managing software. Their 0ne Click fix is very convenient to remove temp files that slow down your computer.

Free anti-spy and anti-adware - SpyBots Search and Destroy is one of the best. They appreciate donations and we think they are worth it. Scotty of WinPatrol manages startup programs and utilities. On his patrol, the dog, Scotty reports all changes to your startup list, Internet Explorer startup page and plugins installed by viruses and Trojan programs.

Digital photography - Picasa from Google is our favorite when it comes to managing, viewing or improving large numbers of digital photographs. Also Cerious. ACD System, a Canadian company, also sells great inexpensive software to manage and manipulate photographs professionnaly.
Other free images editors and Photoscape that has plenty of useful features



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Multimedia $ 19