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Leave your computer on for the entire day even if it is only used in brief intervals. Continually heating and cooling the circuits can lead to problems, including data loss.

Memory upgrades are usually the most cost-efficient way of increasing your computer`s performance.

New viruses appear daily. Remember to have your computer protected. Download all Microsoft and anti-virus updates.

If your system appears to fail, try to rule out operator and/or software errors before you assume it is a hardware problem.

When the system is on but not in use, lower the intensity of (or turn of) the monitor (unless you have a screen blanking utility installed). This will prolong the life of the monitor.

Static electricity is one of the primary causes of data loss and errors. Use anti-static mats under your computer desk and chair to reduce this problem.

Always, always create a backup strategy.

  • A DVD-ROM burner is one easy way of creating a back-up for your data. Burn one DVD a week. DVD cost only $ 0.50 are are way cheaper than losing a week`s work. Keep the backup DVD in a safe place away from the office.
  • Alternatively, use the free web space offered by your Internet provider to backup and store a compressed copy of your data.
  • Now that hard drive price are so low, think of buying an external USB HD of 500 GB or a 4 or 16 GB USB key. At home to automate your backup see Cobian backup. It's free.
  • and offer a free 2GB online backup space. Business can buy more space.


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