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We work closely with our clients, to provide
customized and personalized services for their
specific needs. We can assist you with trouble
shooting issues such as system crashes , bluescreen,
freezing, sluggishness, virus removal, and much more.

We build and install new hardware including all business software, configured, tested, upgraded, documented and supported.

Our specialized environment includes Windows 98, 2000 and XP PCs operating in LANs and sharing an Internet connection via cable, DSL or dialup. Internet, file system, security, anti-virus, backup and user accounts are configured for domain controller or peer-to-peer network

We help set up internet services and web sites and we assist with maintenance of your computer to keep it working at peak performance, and backup your critical data. For your added convenience we also sell desktops, laptops, customer designed systems, hardware components
and parts.

All of our Systems are made with the same quality parts, at a fraction of the costs of the major stores. All of our computers come with 1 Year parts warranty and 2 years labor, free delivery and free setup for each system you purchase with us.

On-site computer support

Key Benefits

On site support means that we will come to your business premises or home to help you with your computer problems. You will not have to bring your faulty computer or equipment to us, we will come to you. If practical we will repair, upgrade or resolve your problem at your site thereby cutting down the time that your computer will be out of action. If the problem is too complex or activities required are too disruptive to your business or home environment, then we will take it to our shop for servicing. We can sit with you or your staff and work out any problems by reviewing the symptoms and the procedures that took place prior to identifying that there was a problem. At a personal level we can show how to avoid usage or procedural problems that may have caused the problem to start with.

On site help can go a lot further that troubleshooting your computer problems. We can be part of your business team, a virtual IT department, on a part-time basis helping you plan your technology solutions, implementing them and ensuring that you are ready for your growth. We can help you to move a computer, enhance your network, and upgrade your modems or hubs. We will do any of those operational tasks that would normally be done by a computer operations department.

By installing specialized software we can also monitor and maintain your computers and network remotely for an instantaneous problem solution and off hours maintenance. Our customers love this service



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